Policies and Procedures



Per college policy, students who miss more than four class periods for any reason can be administratively withdrawn from class. I will deal with the consequences of excessive absences on an individual basis. Students who are more than fifteen minutes late for any reason will be marked absent.

If you have any questions concerning the class during your absence, refer to the pacing schedule and/or call me at (850)201-8582. If I am not present when you call, leave your name, number and other information on my voice mailbox. I would prefer to have a call from you, not your girlfriend/boyfriend, mother, coach, etc. I may also be contacted by email. My address is turners@tcc.fl.edu



REQUIRED BOOKS: English Skills, Write Right, The American Heritage Dictionary

*Bring a sharpened pencil and a pen (black or blue ink).

*Bring a spiral notebook for class lecture notes.

*Bring loose-leaf paper for writing assignments.

*Bring a dual-pocket folder.

*Bring a highlighter pen (any color).

*Bring TCC Student ID and E-account.



The requirements for lab are a follows: a minimum of 15 hours and 10 skills. Work done in the lab will be monitored and graded by lab personnel. Remember to record all the work that you do and the times that you attend. The quizzes you successfully complete will be filed. Lab work is 20% of your final grade. Thus, IT IS POSSIBLE TO FAIL THE COURSE IF LAB WORK IS NOT COMPLETELY DONE!!  


Mrs. Turner does not deal with excused or unexcused absences. If, for any reason, you are not in the classroom during your scheduled time, you are considered ABSENT. Therefore, there is no need for you to produce notes from doctors, lawyers, counselors, etc. NO MAKE-UP WORK WILL BE GIVEN. If you miss a quiz, test, and/or in-class assignment, you have two options: 1) Complete the assignment with another class 2) Take a replacement grade. Only ONE replacement grade will be given for a missed quiz, test, and/or writing assignment. The replacement grade will be the score from the final exam. To receive the privilege of the first option, you must call me on the day of your absence!!  


Homework is to be done at home. Do not spend time in class doing homework which should have been done the evening before. Also, unless otherwise instructed, I do not accept pages torn out of your textbook. Homework must be done on your own paper or on the worksheets given to you by the instructor. Late assignments are unacceptable. If you are absent when an assignment is given, you need to call me so that I can give you the assignment and you can turn it in when the class does.  


In college there are certain implicit rules about behavior in a classroom. Mrs. Turner asks that you govern yourselves by the following principles: listen, respect others, come in quietly and on time, and leave your street language outside.  

Learn to listen--When your instructor is lecturing, it is important for you to listen in order to take effective notes, so talking while I'm talking is unacceptable behavior which will not be tolerated.  

Respect Others--Please adjust your beepers, cellular telephones, watch alarms, audio equipment, etc. so these items will not disrupt the class. Make provisions for children prior to class attendance. You may not bring children to class. Do not eat, drink, smoke, or chew tobacco in the classroom. If you must chew gum, do so quietly. Smacking and popping gum (especially during a test) distracts the class and makes the perpetrator look uncouth.  

Come in Quietly and on Time--Mrs. Turner is notoriously punctual, and when she walks through the door, she wastes no time in beginning the lesson for the day. If you have to be late for a class meeting, please enter the classroom quietly. Sharpen pencils before class begins. I encourage you to take a bathroom/water breaks before and/or after class.  

Leave Your Street Language in the Street--In the classroom, refrain from using slang and profanity in your speech and in your writing. These are limiting words that do not allow for growth in your vocabulary.  

"A grade is earned, not granted. It certifies a level of understanding of the subject matter. It bears little relationship to the performance of the other students, and it has no relationship whatsoever to a student's personal problems or to his/her future plans. Anything else would devalue the reputation of the university [college]." Dr. Marie-A.Gonzales  

I AGREE!!!!!! S. Turner  

Final Grade Computation  

Components of Grade


Writing Assignments


Tests & Quizzes


Skills Lab


Final Exam/Exit Test


 *****State law requires students in college preparatory courses to make a passing grade (at least 70%) in the course AND make a passing grade on the final examination in order to exit.


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