Dear Student,


Welcome to ENC 0020 SPI.  You have chosen to take a class that does not require classroom or lab time.  Instead, you must rely on self-motivation to set the pace for finishing this course.  As “life” happens, sometimes staying on course as you attempt to set your own pace becomes difficult, no matter how motivated you are in the beginning.


One of the best ways to stay on track is to read through the SPI manual for this course before completing any assignments.  Make sure you understand all of the requirements and deadlines.


Of course, whenever you need clarification on an assignment, I can be reached by phone or e-mail.  My phone number is 201-8582.  I have voice mail so that if I am not in you may leave a message.  My e-mail address is turners@tcc.fl.edu


Have a productive semester!!


Sharisse Turner, Instructor

College Preparatory English

Academic Support Program Division




English Skills, 7th edition, McGraw-Hill

Recommended Texts:

Write Right! Tallahassee Community College, 5th edition, 1996

*A Dictionary

*A Thesaurus

*Any dictionary or thesaurus is fine.


English Skills Center (DH 210)-the English Skills Center is designed to assist students who are enrolled in ENC 0020, College Preparatory English. In the traditional class, students enrolled in ENC 0020 are required to attend the lab at least once a week and to complete a certain number of assignments before a certain date. Since you, however, are in an AIM course, you ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE LAB. Whenever you need and desire more help mastering skills, you are able to go in and receive such help when the lab is open. In order to work in the lab, you MUST purchase a Write Right lab manual.

College Survival Skills Workshops -Ms. Betty Jensen, a TCC counselor, has produced videos to assist students with their study skills. If you are interested in viewing any of her videos, you may do so in the Audio-Visual Center (second floor) of the library.

ALLWRITE!this is software that you can actually purchase from the bookstore (this software has nothing to do with the CD wrapped inside your textbook). To work on the program, you may visit the Academic Computing Center (2nd floor). ALLWRITE contains practices on grammar and punctuation. Work in ALL WRITE is optional. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANY WORK IN ALLWRITE!

The English Skills CD-ROM—a compact disc accompanies your textbook. You may download this on your computer if you desire more practice on your skills.


Click here for a printable version of the required texts.




Students have twenty (20) weeks to complete the course, four more than a regular semester.  Therefore, absolutely NO EXTENSIONS can be given beyond the twenty weeks.  If students delay their work then find themselves in some unavoidable emergency which prevents successful completion of the course, they will have to re-enroll in order to complete the course.  The instructor will allow those students who re-enroll to count the grades earned during the previous enrollment.  STUDENTS SHOULD NOT ENROLL IN THE AIM PROGRAM UNTIL THEY ARE READY TO BEGIN THEIR WORK.



Required:           (a)     To submit work and pick up graded paragraphs, essays, and exercises.
 (b)     To take the timed paragraph tests and the final examination/exit test.

Optional:           (a)     To have conferences with the instructor.

(b)     To attend the English Skills Center.

(c)      To work on the ALLWRTTE! Software program in the Academic Computing Center.


Students are required to pass the final examination/exit test with 60% or better. In addition, the student’s final grade will be computed as follows:

SPI Manual & Textbook Activities          25%

Timed Paragraph Tests                            25%

The Essay                                                    20%

*Final Examination/Exit Test                   30%

In order to exit ENC 0020, students must have a minimum class average of 70% AND a minimum score of 60% on the exit test.

·                 Students who do not make the minimum passing score of 60% on the exit test WILL NOT pass the course!

  • Before students can take the final exam, they must complete and turn in ALL SPI assignments!


Click here for a printable version of the time schedule.



Week I     

-Register for the ENC 0020 SPI course.

-Go to the TCC Bookstore and purchase the required textbooks and manuals for the course.

-Survey all books and read through the manual.

-Read Chapter One (textbook), pp. 3-16.

-Contact the instructor at 201-8582 with immediate questions.


Week II     

-Read Chapter Two (textbook), pp. 17-45.

-For practice complete all activities. These assignments DO NOT have to be turned in.

-Read pp. 411-418 on Subjects and Verbs and Sentence Sense.

-Complete and turn in the Review Test on p. 415.


Week III    

-Read Chapter Three (textbook), pp. 47-78.

-Complete and turn in the following activities: Writing a Topic Sentence I, pp. 63-65; Recognizing Specific Details, pp. 67-69; Providing Specific Evidence, pp. 72-73.

-Read pp. 468-472 on Subject-Verb Agreement. Do the activities for practice.

-Complete and turn in Review Test I, p. 473; Review Test 2, pp. 473-474.


Week IV   

-Read pp. 79-87.

-Complete pp. 93-94, Providing Transitions. Turn this in for grading.

-Read pp. 97-110.

-Complete and turn in the activity on pp. 110-111.


Week V   

-Read pp. 450-455.

-Complete and turn in Review Test 1, p. 457; Review Test 2, pp. 457-458.

-Read pp. 459^63.

-Read pp. 131-139.

-For practice complete activities on pp. 144-146.


Week VI    

-Read Chapter Eight, pp. 171 -181.

-Complete Writing Assignment 3. This must be turned in before you take your first timed writing test.

-Go to the SPI Testing Center to take your first timed paragraph test. You will write an exemplification paragraph.

-Read pp. 420-422,430-431 on Fragments.

-Complete Review Test 2, p. 433. Turn this assignment in for grading.


Week VII  

-Read pp. 269-276 on arguing a position.

-Complete Writing Assignment I, pp. 188-190. Turn in rough drafts and final draft.

-Go to the SPI Testing Center for your second timed paragraph test. You will write an argumentative paragraph.

-Read pp. 435-445 on Run-ons and Comma Splices.

-Complete and turn in Review Test I, pp. 446-447.


Week VIII  

-Read pp. 195-199 on Examining Cause and Effect.

-Complete Writing Assignment 3, p. 203. Turn in rough drafts and final draft.

-Go to the SPI Testing Center for your third timed paragraph test. You will write a cause and effect paragraph.

-Read pp. 493-494, 497-499 on Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers.

-Complete and turn in Review Tests on pp. 495-496, 501.


Week IX    

-Read pp. 205-214 on Comparing or Contrasting.

-Complete Writing Assignment I, pp. 214-217. Turn in rough drafts and final draft.

-Go to the SPI Testing Center for your fourth timed paragraph test. You will write either a comparison or a contrast paragraph.

-Read pp. 97-99 on Parallelism.

-Complete and turn in the activity on pp. 98-99.


Week X    

-Read pp. 221-225 on Defining a Term.

-Complete Writing Assignment 2, pp. 227-229. Turn in rough drafts and final draft.

-Go to the SPI Testing Center for your fifth timed paragraph test. You will write a definition paragraph.

-Read pp. 475-479 on Pronoun Agreement and Reference.

-Complete and turn in Review Test 2, p. 481.


Week XI   

-Read pp. 257-262 on Narrating an Event.

-Complete Writing Assignment 3, pp. 265-266.

-Go to the SPI Testing Center for your sixth timed paragraph test. You will write a narrative paragraph.

-Pick up a sample Exit Test, Part One, from your instructor.

-Read pp. 482-487 on Pronoun Types.

-Complete and turn in Review Test on p. 487.


Week XII   

-Read pp. 488-491 on Adjectives and Adverbs.

-Complete and turn in Review Test on p. 492.

-Read pp. 569-577, 579-582.

-Complete and turn in Review Test I, pp. 577-578.


Week XIII  

-Read pp. 507-513.

-Complete and turn in Review Test I, p. 515.

-Read pp. 516-517.

-Complete and turn in Review Test, p. 518.


Week XIV

-Read pp. 519-525.

-Complete and turn in Review Test I, pp. 526-527.


Week XV 

 -Read pp. 528-534 on Quotation Marks,

-Read pp. 535-542 on Comma Usage.

-Complete and turn in the Review Test I, pp. 542-544.


Week XVI

-Read pp. 545-549 on Other Marks of Punctuation.

-Complete and turn in the Review Test on p. 549.



 -Complete and turn in Editing Test 2, p. 595 and Editing Test 3, p. 596.

-Read pp. 293-300 on Writing the Essay.

-Begin working on your essay. Your topic will come from 8 A MAJOR DECISION, p. 310.

-Complete and turn in your outline and your introductory paragraph.



-Continue working on your essay.

-Once your outline and introductory paragraph have been approved by your instructor, work on the rest of the essay—supporting paragraphs and the concluding paragraph.


Week XIX

-Contact your instructor to arrange the day and time you will take the final examination/exit test.

-Turn in your final draft essay. Your essay must be typed and doublespaced. Along with your final draft, include all rough drafts.


Week XX

-Go to the SPI Testing Center to take the two-part final examination/exit test. You will have fifty minutes to complete each part.


**Remember that you MUST pass the course AND the final examination/exit test in order to move on. If you do not pass the exit test, you will not pass the course!!


Click here for a printable version of the pacing schedule.




Review Test, p. 415

Writing a Topic Sentence I, pp. 63-65

Recognizing Specific Details, pp. 67-69

Providing Specific Evidence, pp. 72-73

Review Test I, p. 473

Review Test 2, pp. 473-474

Providing Transitions, pp. 93-94

Activity on pp. 110-111

Review Test 1, p. 457

Review Test 2, pp. 457-458

Review Test 1, pp. 465-466

Review Test 2, p. 433

Writing Assignment 1, pp. 188-190

Review Test 1, pp. 446-447

Writing Assignment 3, p. 203

Review Tests, pp. 495-496, 501

Writing Assignment 1, pp. 214-217

Activity on pp. 98-99

Writing Assignment 2, pp. 227-229

Review Test 2, p. 481

Writing Assignment 3, pp. 265-266

Review Test, p. 487

Review Test, p. 492

Review Test 1, pp. 577-578

Review Test 1, p. 515

Review Test, p. 518

Review Test 1, pp. 526-527

Review Test 1, pp. 542-544

Review Test, p. 549

Editing Test 2, p. 595

Editing Test 3, p. 596

The Essay: Outline, Introductory Paragraph,

Supporting Paragraphs, Concluding Paragraph

You may turn in pages from your textbook.  To do so is easy since the pages are perforated.  However, when you are required to do a writing assignment, do so on loose leaf paper.  Also, double space and write in black or blue ink. In the top right corner of your paper, write your name, date, and page number of the assignment.

Click  here for a printable version of the required activities.