Title of Course: College Preparatory English

Course Number: ENC0020

Credit Hours: 5
Classroom Lecture-4 hrs.
Skill Center-1 hr.


1) English Skills, John Langan, Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill

2) The American Heritage Dictionary

3) Write Right Lab Manual

Catalog Description

This course is required of all students except those whose performance on the Florida CPT Placement Test indicates readiness for ENC1101. It is
designed to teach the student to write effective sentences and unified paragraphs which are purposeful, literate, coherent, complete, and emphatic. ENC0020 College Prep English Lab must be taken during the same semester. This lab will be included as a part of the ENC0020 course requirements. Your instructor will inform you of the assigned lab day during your first class meeting.

Students are expected to meet in the lab on the assigned day, especially for the first lab meeting during which orientation will take place. However, students may attend lab on any other days and at any other times they wish
in order to complete the required assignments. Students can feel free to work ahead if they wish since the lab is designed as a self-paced program, but all students are required to adhere to assigned due dates for skill units and paragraph assignments.


1. All day sections have a designed lab day for each week. Students are expected to meet in their classrooms for the other four class meeting days. NOTE: In Summer Terms A, B, and C, students must arrange their own lab days and times outside of the scheduled class days an times.

2. All evening sections have lab time built into the meeting times listed in the schedule book. Students are expected to meet in the lab during that specified time and should meet in their classrooms for the balance of the time.

The primary objective of this course is to prepare you to pass ENC1101 with a minimum grade of "C." Toward that end, when you have successfully completed ENC0020, you will have demonstrated your ability to
1. write clear and effective sentences that adhere to the principles of standard written English;
2. develop logical and coherent paragraphs through the use of topic, support, and clincher sentences.
3. develop unified, coherent essays;
4. to review and refine basic skills of grammar, mechanics, and usage

Recommended Resource: A thesaurus. This and/or the required dictionary should be used for all in-class writing assignments. Note: Dictionaries and thesauruses may not be used during the ENC0020 Final Exam.

Performance Goals
To complete ENC0020 successfully, you must do the following:
1. Attend class regularly.
2. Write a series of in-class paragraphs and at least one essay.
3. Complete all class and homework assignments.
4. Satisfactorily complete all test and quizzes.
5. Satisfactorily complete all required lab assignments.
6. Complete the final/exit exam for the course. This final/exit exam will consist of two parts: a final paragraph that must be completed in 50 minutes and an objective, 40-questions multiple choice test covering grammar skills for which students will have 50 minutes to complete. Students must receive a minimum passing score on this to exit ENC0020. This two-part final/exit serves as the final exam for the course, too.

The grading scale for the paragraph will be as following:

12 points = 100%
11 points = 95%
10 points = 90%
9 points = 85%
8 points = 75%
7 points = 70%
6 points = 65%
5 points = 55%
4 points = 45%
3 points = 35%

The final exit exam is 30% of the student's grade for the course.
The other 70% of the grade comes from items 1-5 above.

**SPECIAL NOTE: The Remedial Section of House Bill 1545 passed by the Florida legislature to be effective fall term of 1995 states that all students enrolled in college preparatory courses must achieve a passing score on a examination before enrolling in college credit courses in English, math, and/or reading in addition to passing the course work with a "C" or better. If a student gets a "C" or better in the course work but does not receive a passing grade on the final/exit exam, he or she will receive a grade of "I." The student will then have a chance to take a retest on the final/exit exam a C or better in the course must repeat the class whether or not the student passes the final/exit exam.

The student's grade will be determined from these performance goals.

Laboratory Work
All students who register for ENC0020 have their skills lab sessions scheduled along with their class lecture schedule. Please be certain you have a clear understanding of this procedure when you register for class and when you attend your first class meeting. Each ENC0020 student is required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of work in the Skills Lab per semester. In addition, students must complete ten skills. Students must understand that the lab is designed to complement classroom instruction. ENC0020 instructors encourage all students to attend lab on a regular basis (at least 1-2 hours per week) and to work on skills that are being covered in the ENC0020 lectures. Please remember that the Skill Lab is a part of ENC0020 course requirements and of the 5 credits earned for ENC0020.

NOTE: During open lab times which are not reserved for classes, seating capacity will be limited to 15-20 students throughout the semester.

NOTE: Students must complete all lab requirements. Completion of these requirements will count as 20% of the student's grade for the course. In addition, some instructors may require paragraph writing in the lab, too. Be sure to follow specific instructions from your instructor.


The final grade in ENC0020 will be a regular letter grade as follows: A, B, C, D, or F.

It is important to note that students must pass ENC0020 with a grade of C or better in order to move on to ENC1101. Therefore, grades of A, B, and C will represent satisfactory completion of the course, and students will be eligible to enroll in ENC1101. Grades of D and F will represent unsatisfactory performance, and students will be required to re-enroll in ENC0020 for the next semester. Remember again that in addition to getting a C or better in the course work, students must also receive a passing score on the exit exam in order to exit ENC0020.
Upon satisfactory completion of ENC0020, students will be awarded five(5)
hours of institutional credit. which do not and cannot count in any way toward an AA degree.

**NOTE-The following scale will be used:
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 60-69
F = 0-59

***NOTE: Students enrolled in the same college prep class within a skill area more than two times shall pay fees at 100% of the full cost of instruction. This cost is equivalent to cost of OUT-OF-STATE TUITION. Students who withdraw or fail a class due to extenuating circumstances may be granted an exception ONLY ONCE for each class. "Counting" of students' attempts will begin with FALL SEMESTER 1999 regardless of the number of previous attempts. In addition, beginning Fall 1997, a student enrolled in the same undergraduate college credit course more than two times shall pay 100% of the full cost of instruction again which is equivalent to the cost of the OUT-OF-STATE TUITION. However, if a student withdraws from a class before the end of the first week of classes and gets a full refund, this will not count as a "TAKE" for the course. If the student is enrolled in the class after the first week of classes and then withdraws, this will count as a "TAKE".

*B1a - Uses words which convey the denotative and connotative meanings required by context
*B1a - Avoids wordiness.

*B2a - Place modifiers correctly
*B2b - Coordinates and subordinates sentence elements according to their relative importance
*B2c - Uses parallel expressions for parallel ideas
*B2d - Avoids fragments, comma splices, and fused sentences (student identifies a sentence which contains an error).

*B4a - Uses standard verb forms
*B4b - Maintains agreement between subject and verb
*B4c - Uses proper case forms
*B4e - Uses adjectives and adverbs correctly
*B5a - Uses standard practices for spelling
*B5b - Uses standard practices for punctuation
*B5c - Uses standard practices for capitalization

***NOTE: This syllabus and other course handouts and materials are available in alternative formats upon request.

*For printable copy, click here.