A paragraph is a unified grouping of sentences controlled by one main idea. This main idea is called the topic sentence, and the topic sentence should be first. From controlling words in the topic sentence the writer is able to develop supporting details. In a well developed paragraph at least three supporting details should be given. The last component of a paragraph is the concluding sentence which should basically restate the ideas mentioned in the topic sentence.


Paragraphs must be written in black or blue ink and turned in on loose-leaf paper. Your paragraphs must also be double-spaced. If the above mentioned guidelines are not followed, points will be deducted from your paragraph. Remember to indent the first sentence of a paragraph. IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OF YOUR PAPER, WRITE YOUR NAME, THE DATE, AND YOUR COURSE REFERENCE NUMBER.


Your instructor will take two points off for errors in grammar, mechanics and spelling. Five points will be deducted for sentence errors (run-ons, comma splices, fragments). Up to twenty points will be deducted for organization. Five points will be deducted for each of the following--not on loose-leaf paper, not done in black ink, not double-spaced.


A = 95 B+ = 88 C+ = 78 D+ = 68
A- = 90 B = 85 C = 75 D = 65
B- = 80 C- = 70 D- = 60 F = 50


Plagiarism is stealing and using the ideas or writings of another writer. Any paper turned into me that I even suspect has been plagiarized will receive a grade of zero. Plagiarism is also grounds for administrative disciplinary actions.


Each English instructor has his or her own set of subjective criteria for the evaluation of writing. The following are a few of mine:
* Refrain from the use of profanity.
* Unless your paper is a process (how-to) paper, do not write from the second person point of view (you, your, yours)
*Your conclusion should not include the following words-"this is..."


Many times this semester you will be afforded the opportunity to rewrite or revise your original paper. When class time is given for this purpose, you are expected to be present. If you are absent on a revision day and do not call the instructor concerning your absence, you automatically forfeit your opportunity to revise, and the grade from your original paper will be recorded.


When you are writing papers in this class, consider your audience. Many times you will be involved in small peer-editing groups where you exchange papers. Your classmates, then, are a segment of your audience. However, as your instructor, I am also part of your audience, for ultimately your paper gets to me for grading. Therefore, you need to be careful with word choice AND content. I have no interest in reading about people's sex lives or criminal activities. Keep in mind that you DO NOT want to include information in writing that could be used against you if a legal situation arises.