Ms. Missy James

Program Chair, English

Office: EN 215

Phone: 850.201.8049

Writing, reading, learning, and running are passions, and thanks to my students, past and present, and my black labs (past and present), I can feed all four on a steady basis. I primarily teach English Composition 1 and 2, (College Composition and Writing Argument and Persuasion), American Literature (AML 2301), and Modern Novels (LIT 2080). My undergraduate degree is in English from Vanderbilt University; I also have a Masters of Arts degree in English from the University of North Carolina. Besides the above passions, I am an outdoor enthusiast and, yes, a gym addict.

Courses I teach (click to view sample course syllabus - these are in MSWord format and will open a new window)
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On campus courses:
ENC 1101 - Introduction to College Composition
ENC 1102 - Writing Argument and Persuasion
> COP 2800 - Introduction to Java Programming
COP 2822 - Scripting for the Web

Technology & Professional Programs

Computer Technology Office - Second Floor - CT Building
Phone Number: (850) 201
FAX Number: (850) 201-8332