Critical Writing Assignment #1/ Essays:

Pick one of the following essays and turn it in by the due date, Tuesday 1/29/13. Turn it in in class (be on time!) or at my office (HSS 218 -If I am not in the office, you can slip it under the door).

You must use at least one outside reference, beginning with Weiten, Dunn & Hammer’s book,
so cite sources, attach a proper "References" section, and attach photocopies of the actual pages in any reference material you used. 

Remember: DO NOT QUOTE ANY SOURCE YOU USE Always express and write about others' ideas in your own words. Then give them credit for their ideas through APA style citations and references. SEE YOUR SYLLABUS FOR EXAMPLES.

1.  What component of your self-concept as we describe in class do you think is dominant in your overall personality? How does this affect your typical behavior in that life role? What does your book (cite sources) tell you about yourself in this dominant life role? Draw your evidence from your own observations of yourself, from self-awareness, but also write about how others seem to see you. Does your social self correspond to your private self in your dominant life role?

2.  What component of personality (id, ego or superego) as described by Sigmund Freud's theory do you think is dominant in the typical person today? How does this affect the typical person's behavior? Note: do not review/restate the theory in your paper, except as it directly supports your argument. Also, draw your evidence from your observations about the world around you, or from research on it.

3.  How, in your view does "information anxiety" affect people? What is the impact on individuals of the constant struggle to keep up with new information, rapid communication, news, and technology? What is meant by the idea that advancing information technology paradoxically seems to create alienation? How do people cope with these complex tasks? How might we best cope with it in the future?  (We did not discuss this topic in class, but it is dealt with in chapter one of our book.)

4.  Read carefully the section in chapter two on humanistic psychology.  Where do you stand in Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Why? Describe your progress through each level so far. What would it take to cause you to move up or down?

Attach a separate title page. Example:

Your Paper's Title
Your Name
Personal and Social Adjustment
Dr. Russell McGuff
The date turned in

...with the title centered and doublespaced; put everything in a normal 10-12 point font for the entire paper, including title and References pages.     Doublespace everywhere. Do not use contractions  (can't, don't, I'm, etc.).   Write in first or third person  (no "you...").  Proofread carefully.