Personal and Social Adjustment



Adjustive Demands Adjustive Challenges

Age - Graded Events

Day-today events in one=s environment that happen to a person based on his/her age.


Educational tasks and requirements

AGet a job!

Will you marry me?

Retirement party


Internally originating factors that come to influence adjustment at certain ages & stages.


Events of physical/mental growth & maturation (like puberty)

Anxiety about school/work success that motivates you

Your life dream 


History Graded Events

Events that happen to a person based on his/her

generation and historical period/place.


Art/Music/Cultural events

Economic circumstances

Governments & Laws

Epidemics/Toxin Exposure

The Internet

Natural Disasters

Internal changes, thoughts, self-perceptions and insights that would occur to people in one time/place in history, but not another.


AI am free/not free

I should care for my parents in their old age.

Expecting to live to 90/100 years of age (or only 18)