What can you do with a history degree?*

A lot more than you think!

Public Sector


     Preserve, arrange, and display records and artifacts for local, regional, state, or national organizations. A number of businesses (CocaCola, Wells Fargo) also maintain archives.

Historic Site Preservation

    Preserve national, state, and local historic sites like the Castillo San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida or the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Determine eligibility for National Register of Historic Places.

Department of State

    Serve in the diplomatic corps as a diplomat, charge d'affairs, or other embassy official.

Historical Offices

    Serve in federal and state civilian and military offices as institutional historians. Write official histories of institutions and units and policy histories, preserve and organize organizational records, and supervise operation and management of museums.

Heritage/cultural agencies

Develop displays and preserve artifacts and documents for agencies like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and National Football Hall of Fame.

Intelligence Services

The Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency are always interested in good analysts. And if you want to be 007 . . .

National Park Service

Maintain historic sites like Mount Vernon and Fort Sumter. Lead tours and get involved in historic site interpretation.

State Historic Preservation

Plan state historic preservation efforts.  Identify properties that deserve preservation and education the public about the need to preserve our past.

Public Office

Serve as a public official or on the staff of public officials.

Private Sector

Consulting and Free Lance

    Archives and records management
    Cultural resource management
    Historical research
    Historical writing
    Legal and policy research
    Land use history
    Preservation and restoration


    Book representative

Market Research




Banking and Investment Firms



Nonprofit Sector

Historical associations and organizations

Historical projects



Research institutions

and, you can also teach!

*Source: Robert W. Pomeroy, "Careers for Graduates in History" National Center for the Study of History, 1993.

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