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The development of the Model United Nations program here at Tallahassee Community College has allowed students to represent a country of their choice, simulating the procedures and the issues, which face the actual United Nations. While only being in existence since 1995, the program has gone on to exemplify itself as one of the outstanding academic student programs on campus. Since the T.C.C. Model UN program has been in place, the "Student of the Year"award has been awarded to a model UN member. All but one student selected to go on to the "Hall of Fame Award" has been a Model United Nations Member. The 1996 Model U.N. president went on the become student body president for 1997. The majority of students who have graduated from this program have gone on to distinguished four-year colleges and graduate schools. Students who have participated in this program benefit from a greater awareness of international issues, a better understanding of the perspective of other nations in the world, and greater academic capabilities because of the necessary preparation.

Students from Tallahassee Community College go on to represent the college at a regional conference in Atlanta and an international conference in New York, where they debate issues from the perspective of their chosen country, such as human rights, military conflicts, and international economics. In Atlanta, T.C.C. has been recognized as a "Distinguished Delegation" in its representation of Columbia, and was honored in being selected to represent China, one of the five permanent seats on the Security Council. The New York Conference is the oldest and largest intercollegiate Model United Nations conference in the country. Over 2,000 students from 30 states and 13 countries on four continents convene to participate in the five-day long simulation. Colleges represented at these conference are some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Tallahassee Community College is one of only eleven two year colleges that participates in Model United Nations. The group also has a long range goal of attending an international conference at the Hague.


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