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What trig do you need? Answers from students passing physics.

Please read my advising notes on calculus-based physics.

SPRING 2017  PHY2048  info

PHY 2048  -  Physics I

PHY 2048L  -  Physics I   Lab
SPRING 2017  PHY2049  info

PHY 2049  -  Physics II

PHY 2049L  -  Physics II   Lab

Click here for important rules on calculators allowed in calculus-based Physics.

Study Suggestions for Physics-with-calculus


PSC 1121   -   Physical Science

Click here for some advice on what calculator to use in the Physical Science class.

Self-Paced Physical Science is no longer offered at TCC.


Click here to see me doing some research on inclined planes and Faraday's Law

other Physics info

Info on the special topics class Optics and Art taught as ART1930 in Spring 2003

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