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Last updated: 20 July 2009

Two examples of how my general warnings apply to persons wishing to major in engineering at UF:

(1) The U. of Florida requires both CHM1045 and CHM1046 for many sub-fields of engineering, and the other sub-fields replace CHM1046 with a specific 2nd science requirement.

(2) There are specific GPA requirements for the college, and more restrictive ones for some majors in the college. For example, Electrical and Computer majors must earn at least a B in their calculus and physics classes.

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Customized Program for Pre-Engineering
between TCC and the University of Florida

This is not really a schedule I would recommend to most TCC students, but I include it here to illustrate two things: (1) The courses that UF expects you to have completed before transfering there as a Junior; and (2) What a typical UF entering freshman would take.

This schedule is based on the "articulation" agreement between TCC and UF described in detail in a 150 kB pdf file from the UF Engineering College web site.

Sem. Math and Science Classes Liberal Arts Classes
  MAC2147 CHM1030 or HS chem ENC0020 and REA0002
  (classes above are pre-req's) (classes above are prep courses)
1 MAC2311 CHM1045+L   ENC1101 AMH2010  
2 MAC2312 CHM1046 *   ENC1102 AMH2020  
x MAP2302 . CGS1000 * . POS1041  
3 MAC2313 PHY2048+L   HUM2210 .  
4 . PHY2049+L COP2220 HUM2230 CLP1001  

  * CGS1000 can be exempted by passing an exam whenever you want to do so.

  * Extra science class:
Agricultural and Biological, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Science engineers must also take CHM1046L;
Aerospace and Mechanical engineers can substitute BSC2010 for CHM1046;
Computer and Electrical majors can take any biological science (e.g. BSC1005) in place of CHM1046;
Industrial and Nuclear engineers do not need a fourth science class provided they complete all of physics at TCC, and can use this slot to start PHY2048 one semester early or take one of the extra classes listed below.


Additional Classes best taken at TCC

Technical Communications (ENC1210) is required for the BS engineering degree. It can be taken at TCC as an additional elective, or taken at UF after transfer.

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) majors are encouraged to take ECO2013, ECO2023, and ACG2021 at TCC. They should take POS1061 to meet the constitution requirement with the minimum number of social science credits.

Agricultural and Biological Engineering majors are encouraged to take BOT2010C (not offered here, but they might accept our more basic Plant Science class), BSC1005, or BSC2010 at TCC.

Chemical Engineering majors are encouraged to complete BSC2010+L and BSC2011+L at TCC.


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