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By the end of your first year at TCC, you should begin studying the
transfer requirements for your major at the college you plan to attend next.

TCC Meta Majors (new in Fall 2015)
Use with caution!
Some Meta Major maps contain "recommended" courses that are NOT required for majors in a given category
(using up valuable credits) and OMIT others that ARE necessary to have a successful transfer experience.
These remarks apply to students planning to major in Engineering, particularly at UF and FSU.
This is due to the "one size fits all" nature of advice for a very wide wide range of majors.

Link to TCC Catalog

Link to FSU Academic Guide

Link to FAMU major requirements

Link to UF Undergraduate majors
and page listing all UF programs (both undergrad and grad)


Advising information for specific majors (some may be out of date)


Computer Science


FSU Pre-Med Advising


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