Aside to anyone browsing this site:
Three of us at TCC developed a course blending art, art history, and the physics of optics to examine the possible role of optical devices in the art world circa 1500 as alleged in a book by David Hockney. The course is being taught as ART1930 in Spring 2003.

Bookmarks for Hockney Project

The following are bookmarks for sites I tracked down (circa 3/2002) when looking for on-line resources related to the camera obscura and camera lucida. There are many more that one can find via Google.

Hockney-oriented comments on cameras

- (more) - Camera Obscura, Camera lucida
- (more) - Camera Lucida info (Hockney critique)
- (more) - Principles of operation of the Camera Lucida

Optics-oriented comments on cameras

BBC - Science - Science Shack - Camera Lucida
Camera Obscura (why/how)
- (more) - Camera Obscura Internet
- (more) - The Camera Obscura and its Subject
The Sky in a Room

History / Optics

Aristotle and the camera obscura
Giambattista della Porta
"John Baptist Porta" Natural Magick - Title Page
"John Baptist Porta - "Natural Magick" - Volumn XVII
The Galileo Project, Homepage
The Telescope

Pictures (mostly auction sites)

Camera Lucida (pictures)
Rare Berville Camera Lucida.
Berville Camera Lucida
Dollond Camera Lucida.
Berville Super Camera Lucida.
Holbein Camera Lucida.