ART 1930

Optics and Art


Updated 25 March 2003.

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This schedule is tentative and may change during the semester.

11/7 Art History to 14th Century, depiction of space(EK)
Early Science History (JC)
CH 158
21/15 Art History from 15th Century to present (EK)
Science in the Renaissance (JC)
CH 158
31/22 Studio: Observational perspective problems (JB) CH 245
41/29 Critique of studio work (JB)
Geometry of mirrors (JC)
CH 158
52/5 "Masters of Illusion" (movie)
Art History: Linear perspective historical survey (EK)
CH 158
62/12 Studio: Mathematical perspective, vanishing points (JB) CH 245
  Submit Final Project Proposal
72/19 Critique of studio work (JB)
Geometry of lens and camera (JC)
CH 158
82/26 Hockney movie
Art History: Hockney (EK)
CH 158
93/5 Lab: Experiments with lenses (JC) SM 208
  Submit Final Project - Detailed Outline
Spring    Break
103/19 Studio: Opaque projector, 2D to 2D (JB) CH 245
113/26 History of computer graphics and animation (JC)
Critique of studio work (JB)
CH 158
124/2 Studio: Camera obscura, 3D to 2D (JB) CH 245
134/9 Studio: Camera obscura, 3D to 2D (if needed)
Discussion of Hockney's claims; critique of studio work.
CH 245
144/16 Project Presentations CH 158
154/23 Project Presentations CH 158


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