New Convention Center
Roof Trusses

located in downtown
Grand Rapids, MI

Under Development - Updated: 11/17/2002


I took these pictures at about the same time as the ones of the restored Old North Park Bridge that appear on a separate page. I was struck by both the significant differences and the similarities in the bracing used in that century-old bridge and this massive roof truss.

The Project:

These are pictures of the main roof trusses of a new convention center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during construction in July 2002.

I will fill in the details later. The key features of this truss and the second one being erected to the west are that it spans about 360 feet (110 m), the length of a football field (including end zones), and weighs over 1000 tons (910 tonnes). The size and length result from both practical needs (for a large, column-free convention exhibit area that can also be used for rock concerts and large meetings) and to serve the architectural demands of the sweeping roof of the convention center.


view of completed east truss, looking SW; west truss under construction at back left

closeup view of completed east truss, looking due west

view of completed east truss, looking SSW

view of west truss under construction, looking SSE

view of both trusses, looking ESE from Michigan Ave bridge



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