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We used their facility for the test launch of our competition rocket.


Engineering-related Advising Information

If you are interested in engineering as a career, please read the following documents.


Engineering Info

* ASME local news: Visit the Tallahassee Section of ASME (link opens in new window) for their newsletter and information on upcoming events.
* Engineering News: American Society of Civil Engineers' Lessons from Katrina (link opens in new window), a 10-step action plan from the ASCE External Review Panel that participated in the study described in the item below. This is a 1.5 Mb pdf file.
* Katrina: The US Army Corps of Engineers has released the Draft Final Report (link opens in new window) of the Interagency Performance Evaluation Taskforce (IPET) studying the failures of floodwalls and levees during Hurricane Katrina that led to 2000 dead and missing in New Orleans. Earlier draft reports are also available on this page. This is a huge, highly detailed report, so I recommend that you read the 50 page Executive Summary (Volume I) before bothering to download any other chapters. [A comment: Reading this report will give you an idea of what a real "lab report" consists of, and why writing is a key part of your education.]
* Civil Engineers should check out this info on Bridge trusses and the West Point Bridge Design Contest (link opens in new window) that starts each January. You might want to mentor a high school team or compete for fun within the club.
* What engineers do for fun: See how to build a Roman battering ram. (link opens in new window)
* Check out these comic books on Mechanical Engineering history. (link opens in new window)


Past Club Events


TCC Engineering Club


NFCC Sentinel Rocketeers Club

Launches are scheduled for the second Saturday of the month, weather permitting. The club has FAA clearance to 6000 feet altitude at this site, which permits the launch of high-power "hybrid" rockets under the supervision of its launchmaster. All launches (hybrid or otherwise) are performed in accordance with National Association of Rocketry guidelines.

Link to Google hybrid satellite image of launch site. (link opens in new window)
The launch site, in the gray area to the left of the small oval blue lake you see SW of the interchange, is indicated by a green arrow showing its approximate latitude and longitude. The Google hybrid image available when I first put this together did not show Sampala Lake Road at the resolution limit available; a hand-made merger of the Google Map and Satellite imagery that does show it and the location of the gate used to access the site can be seen below. The launch site is on private property in Madison County.

Directions: The site is just off I-10, about 50 miles east of the US-27 (Monroe Street) interchange in Tallahassee. Take exit 251 from I-10, turn right (south towards Perry) on FL-14 West, go about 0.1 miles (500 ft or 160 m) to Sampala Lake Road and turn right. Drive about a half mile on this dirt road. (Drive carefully, as the road surface can be treacherous and is a bit narrow for two-way traffic.) The entrance to the field is just before a 90 degree left-hand bend in the road. We will be on top of the hill inside this pasture. If the gate is locked, it because there are cattle on the pasture. You can let yourself in and drive up to the site, but you must take care to lock the gate behind you if it was locked when you arrived.


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