Problems with Java?

My applets should work on any Java [1.0.2 or higher] compatible browser and on small (640x480) displays.

I test the applets on Netscape 3.0 for DEC Unix and on Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer for Windows NT and Macintosh systems as well as with the JDK 1.1.6 appletviewer on two very different operating systems (Windows 98 and IBM AIX) but that does not cover all possible situations.

Please contact me with any bug reports or problems, including any error message you might have gotten from your browser. Please include in your report which browser you are using and its version number (information available under the 'help' button of your browser). Some programs (such as Tonk) will write diagnostic information to the 'java console' when they encounter an error condition.

(My e-mail address is "".)

Tests of the Rutherford applet show that older browsers might display "5 MeV" rather than the actual selected value of "8 MeV" on startup, and some browsers do not set the correct colors for some buttons or objects.

Tests of the baseball home-run applet show a few problems that suggest use of non-standard colors affects how some browsers render the display compared to what I see with the JDK appletviewer. A sample screen capture is shown below:

That is what it should look like.

Tests of the Tonk applet show a wide variation in how the display looks compared to how it should look according the the JDK appletviewer. A sample screen capture is shown below: