PHY 2048
Final Exam

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Updated: 7/2/2004


The final exam is cumulative, covering everything from section 1-1 to 20-1. A good approximation to the final would be combining the midterm with a similar exam on the second half of the course to produce a two-hour test. The final can (and probably will) contain problems similar to those on the first two exams but which did not appear on the midterm. The final is very unlikely to have questions about material that has not been on an exam or quiz; however, it will have some problems that use concepts that span several parts of this course.

You will have a page of data available to you.

A particular exam may require different details, but this gives you an idea of what to expect on that page.

Study Suggestions

You should already have been developing the skills needed to classify a question by identifying what physical concept applies to it. (My original study suggestions, particularly numbers 1 and 3 along with 5, were developed to help you work on those skills during the entire semester.) With the wider scope of the final exam, one way to study is to look at copies of problems (just the problem, no answer information) from earlier exams that have been scrambled into random order and focus only on identifying what concept and/or equation would be used to solve it. Students who did poorly on the midterm compared to other tests will need to work especially hard on this skill.

By this time in the course you should be able to solve any problem if you know what equations to use, although you should practice solving some new problems as well as remembering how to tell one kind of problem from another.

Practice Exam Problems

I have started assembling a collection of old exams in a separate directory. At present, these include mostly midterm exams.


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