PHY 2048
Midterm Exam

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Updated: 8/26/2007


The syllabus states that this exam covers sections 1.1 to 9.6 of the text. This is material covered in problems assigned in HW-01 through the problems in HW-13, plus any review problems included in the "Review Quiz" assignment. Note that I will now assume that everyone can use the derivative to find a velocity from a position function even though we skipped that topic when we studied Chapter 2.

You should anticipate problems different from those that appeared on exams 1 and 2 (extended to cover the last part of chapter 7), plus problems on the new material on gravity (chapter 8) and problems on momentum (chapter 9). When looking at old exams, be aware of the fact that previous textbooks covered some of this material in a different sequence and that some of those exams were given earlier in the semester, when we had covered less material. Problems on rotation, moment of inertia, torque, rotational kinetic energy, rolling problems, and rotational power will only appear on Exam 3.

Study Suggestions

If you have not already done so, you should work out any problems from the first exams that you had trouble with and be sure you understand the concepts involved -- and how to tell that you should apply that concept to that problem. (This last point becomes more significant as the scope of an exam becomes broader than it had been before.) The same comment applies to any homework problems on those same topics.

We are at the middle point in the semester, so this is also an excellent opportunity to use your study time to "prune" your list of equations down to the core ones you need to do any problem.

Since this exam can't have as many problems as the previous exams put toghether, it is unlikely to have a problem on it that was not important enough to be on those other exams or a quiz. The exception would be a topic that we spent a fair amount of time on (and that you probably studied when preparing for an exam) but that was displaced from an exam due to lack of space.

I do not ask any long, involved problems on exams so there is no need to worry about complex HW problems. I do sometimes pose problems that are a well-defined part of a longer (possibly complex) problem so you should be sure you understand how to do each step in a problem.

Practice Exam Problems

I have started assembling a collection of old exams in a separate directory. At present, these include mostly midterm exams.


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