PHY 2048
Unit 5

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Updated: 02/12/2017

Reminder about my treatment of thermodynamics in Unit 4:

I believe this topic makes more sense if we start with ideal gasses as described within the model known as statistical mechanics to put the emphasis on how internal (thermal) energy is related to temperature. Doing this before we deal with specific "heat" makes it clearer that different materials have different specific "heat" values because they have different internal energy formulas.

We will go through Chapters 16 and 17 as follows: Section 16.1 (temperature as measured by a gas thermometer) followed by Section 17.1 (ideal gas law) along with the relation between kinetic energy and temperature for an ideal gas on pg. 304 and the statistical mechanics picture on page 323 that this is all based on. We will then look at the specific heat of an ideal gas (the Q per mole per K required to change the internal energy of an ideal monatomic gas) before taking up liquids and solids (Section 16.2), which are simply modeled based on data because the theory is much more complicated, and the latent heat (Section 17.2) required when materials change state -- where the internal energy changes without changing the temperature. Thermal expansion (Section 17.3) is in its usual place leading into Chapter 18.

Week 14

Start of the fourteenth week:  Sections 18.1 and 18.2.

Thurs 4/20:  Exam 4 is given.

Rest of the fourteenth week:  Sections 19.1 to 19.3 (heat engines).

Week 15

Mon 4/24:  Sections 19.3 (heat pumps) and 19.4.

Rest of the fifteenth week: 
Sections 19.4 (entropy) plus additional heat engine examples from Section 19.3. I will also do some examples from Section 16.3 about heat conduction unless we are running behind schedule.

There will be a quiz (Thursday, 4/27) that includes some typical questions from Chapter 18 and the first part of Chapter 19, to give you practice for what might be on the final exam.

The last 50 minute class session is left free for any questions you might have from the entire semester, including solutions to old exam problems. Feel free to e-mail me a list of problems if you don't want to ask about them in class.

Week 16

LON-CAPA  Final Review  due during Final's week:
Bonus Review Problems
(Some of these are true bonus problems, harder than ones on any exam.)

Thurs 5/4: 
Morning section Final Exam,   10:00 am to 12:00 noon   in   SM 118
Afternoon section Final Exam,   12:30 pm to 2:30 pm   in   SM 118.


 ?? Contact me if you have any questions.