PHY 2048L
First Day

Introduction to the Lab
Sig Figs and Uncertainties

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Updated: 8/24/2013


None, but it helps if you have read this web page.


Put your backpacks, etc, in one of the cubbies along the back wall of the room after getting out your lab book, lab notebook, and calculator.

Sign in to show you were present and pick up one of each handout.


Introduction to the Lab

Interlude: Safety Lecture developed by Dr. Carr

There is a Safety Contract that you must sign before you can participate in the lab.

This lecture will emphasize the most important points covered by the Safety Contract and explain how it applies in our lab. The outline of the safety lecture summarizes the topics Dr. Carr will go over in class. In addition, the web version of the Safety Contract describes how each item in the contract is interpreted in the physics lab.

Read and understand the Safety Contract, then sign it if you agree to abide by these policies. If you do not wish to abide by it, you should drop the class now.

Syllabus and Lab Procedures

Background Information

There will be an hour or two of activities and exercises on a few topics from the handout

along with worked examples of the main skills related to significant figures and propagating uncertainties in calculations. Remember that your work in lecture must be reported to either three or four significant figures in every situation, but in the lab (and especially on lab exams) your answers must have the number of significant figures required by the data you are using.


 ?? Contact your lab instructor or me if you have any questions.