PHY 2048L
Lab Zero

and Data Fitting

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Updated: 8/19/2006


The combination of the Prelab and the 10 problems from the Lab Zero handout you are to turn in will be graded. They will be included in your final score as extra credit worth half of a regular lab grade. This usually makes up for a low score on the first lab exam or an early lab.


Answer questions 1-5 on pg 19. Turn them in at the start of the lab.
(You might also think about questions 6-11 on pg 20.)

You should also review pages 1-17 of the lab manual, section 1-5 in Tipler, and the material on sig figs, rounding, uncertainties, and the standard deviation that were covered on the First Day.


Put your backpacks, etc, on the shelf on the side wall of the room after getting out your lab book, lab notebook, and calculator.

Turn in your Prelab and pick up the Graphical Analysis handout.

Any students who did not sign and turn in the Safety Contract last week must do so before they can participate in the lab. Latecomers are expected to read and understand the safety lecture they missed last week. Your instructor will remind you of some key aspects of our safety policies this week and anything specific to a particular lab.




Any questions about the Safety Contract?

Any questions about the Syllabus?

Any questions about the Prelab?

Review ...

New Matrial

After those examples, we will return to a key topic for the semester: how to use uncertainties to make deductions from data. Most of this time will be spent on an in-class exercise.

This exercise was borrowed from a STA2023 instructor because it allows us to see how much we can deduce about a known quantity from the mean and standard deviation of a small data set obtained from that sample. The results of your part of this exercise should be entered in your Lab Zero report and handed in next week.

Practice doing Least-Squares Fits

The last part of the lab will introduce the idea of a fit, and then you will get some hands-on learning experience with the program we will be using this semester.

When you are done doing the fit required for the Lab Zero report, you can work on the other problems for Lab Zero. I also recommend that you do the analysis and least-squares fit required in question XX of next week's prelab. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


 ?? Contact your lab instructor or me if you have any questions.