PHY 2049
Final Exam

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Updated: 1/4/2003


The final exam is comprehensive, covering the entire semester in rough proportion to the coverage of past exams. That is, material from each of the 5 exams will each make up about 20% of the final, saving room for something from the last week.

Since the final can't have as many problems as the previous exams put toghether, it is unlikely to have a problem on it that was not important enough to be on those other exams or a quiz. The exception would be a topic that we spent a fair amount of time on (and that you probably studied when preparing for an exam) but that was displaced from an exam due to lack of space.

The final exam is guaranteed to have a problem of each major type that can be attacked with one of Maxwell's equations. These problems will emphasize the process of applying the equations rather than memorizing specific results, as on other exams this semester.

Study Suggestions

If you have not already done so, you should work out any problems from the hour exams that you had trouble with and be sure you understand the concepts involved -- and how to tell that you should apply that concept to that problem. (This last point becomes more significant as the scope of an exam becomes broader than it had been before.) The same comment applies to any homework problems on those same topics.


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