PHY 2049
Unit 1

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Updated: 5/22/2017

If you are interested, here are my comments on preparing for the first day of class.

Please take a moment to go to Canvas and read the file in the Course Information folder that contains advice to you from students who completed this class last year as well as the full length version of the course syllabus.

Week 1

Thurs 5/11:  Syllabus handed out and info sheets collected, 'Reality Check'; also how to use LON-CAPA.
Intro to electric fields, Sections 21.1 and 20.3 plus the basic background in Section 20.1. Notice that I start with the Electric Field to emphasize that we get forces from the field, not the other way around like we did with gravity last semester. We will have many ways of calculating the electric field, then use those results to calculate the net force. In addition I will introduce a few details from Section 20.1 (including some electrostatics demos if weather permits) and then work at least one example from 20.2 or 20.3 of how to calculate the electric field of a point charge.

Week 2

Mon 5/15:  Sections 20.3 and 20.4.

Rest of week 2:  Sections 20.4 and 20.5 (setting up integrals) followed by Sections 21.2 and 21.3, Gauss' Law, and applications in 21.4 and 21.6.

A Java applet showing fields (E) and equipotentials (V).

It also requires that you read the instructions.

Week 3

Mon 5/22:  Finish Gauss's Law applications in sections 21.4 and 21.5, then introduce Section 22.1 potentials. We will measure potentials in the lab a week earlier, on 5/17.

Rest of week 3:  Sections 22.2 through 22.4 regarding potentials, including setting up integrals for a charge distribution and working an example based on the van de Graaff generator. We will then jump to Sections 25.1 (batteries and circuits), 24.1 (current), and 24.3 (resistance and Ohm's Law). We start with basic resistive circuits because they are easier to visualize based on what we do in the lab plus your past experience.

Start unit 2 (Sections 24.4, power, and 25.2, circuits, including basic circuit demos). The exact split of the content between Unit 1 and Unit 2 is tentative at this time but Exam 1 will likely cover everything through HW 7.

Week 4

Mon 5/29:  Memorial Day Holiday (no class)

Tues 5/30:  Continue with unit 2 (Sections 25.2 through 25.4 plus 23.1).

Wed 5/31:  Exam 1, sections 20.1 through 25.1 covered by HW-01 thru HW-07. (details tentative)


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