PHY 2049L
Lab 0

Introduction to the Lab

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Updated: 8/24/2013




Roll taken. Syllabus will be handed out and discussed.

I also provide information on lab policies (and specific requirements for your lab report) in the syllabus, and handouts on using Graphical Analysis, and finding the standard deviation with your calculator for those who do not already have one.


There will be a Safety Contract that you must sign before you can participate in the lab. This lecture will emphasize the most important points and explain how it applies in our lab. You can also read those explanations by following this link.

Dr. Carr wants the following general points emphasized:

Read and understand the Safety Contract, then sign it if you agree to abide by those policies. If you do not wish to abide by it, you should drop the class now.

Preview of coming attractions

The first week is used to introduce you to the DC power supply and the two multimeters we will use this semester, including how to use those meters to measure either voltage or current. This information is reviewed in more detail during the "Lab Zero" done during the second week of lab.

In a semester shortened by holidays or the college calendar, the material in Lab Zero is covered during this first meeting.

When we used to do the "Bohr Theory of Hydrogen" spectroscopy lab at the start of the semester, this meeting was also used to go over the physics behind that lab (the atomic structure being studied and the diffraction grating used to produce the spectrum) because it has not been covered in class. This is all material from the end of the semester. A present, the extra lab period (if there is one) is used as a "Lab Zero" to familiarize you with the use of the various pieces of electrical measurement equipment we will use this semester.


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