PHY 2049L
Lab 10


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Updated: 2/2/2013

Guiding Question:

Preparing for the lab:

We will be doing a somewhat modified version of "Lab 41" that makes use of different equipment than is shown in the lab manual and is directed specifically at answering the guiding question above.

Answer the pre-lab questions on LON-CAPA after reading the background information on pages 413 to 415 in the lab manual.

Note that the lab manual uses a different convention for identifying the object (p instead of s) and image (q instead of s') positions. You can use the notation we use in lecture for your calculations if you wish.


The procedure, data tables, and questions are all on a handout. I link in a copy of the procedure and a sample data table below, but the questions vary in detail from semester to semester so you will get the actual data table and questions in the lab.

As described in the handout for this lab,

we will make four sets of measurements of the location and size of the image formed of a slit for each of two lenses. The data are taken in pairs, using the fact that a solution for "p" and "q" is also a solution for "q" and "p". The two positions that interchange image and object distance are called conjugate points. Note that there is also a place on the data sheet for an "estimate" of the focal length that is made using the overhead lights in the lab. This estimate assumes that the lights are at infinity so the image forms at the focal point.

... still under development ...


optical bench, showing screen, lens holder, and light source

Photo of the optical bench, showing screen holder (left) that you will fill with a sheet of paper, lens holder (middle), and light source. The bar is a calibrated ruler, but you can also use a ruler to make the required measurements.

The photo below shows a closeup of the light source taken from the other side of the table. Notice the relative location of the arrow slit and the lamp.

close-up view of light source and slit mounting


 ?? Contact me if you have any questions.