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Saturday Morning Physics

This is a collection of WWW sites, most related to physics and computers in some way, assembled for possible use in the Saturday Morning Physics presentation of 13 November 1999 by Jim Carr and Simon Capstick. Links were last checked at that time. [Nov 1999 check/update complete]

Sites for the 1999 program

* Opening: 1947 -- First stored program electronic computer, Mark I

* Computers:

* Java demo: Electric field around charges

* Java demo: Projectile Motion - cannon

* Java demo: Projectile Motion - baseball

* WWW Sites and Networks:

* Lecture notes: on networks

* Pickle demo: April 1, 1989 article on "Organic Illumination Systems".

* Java demo: Ohms Law - circuits

* Additional examples:

Some FSU sites of possible interest

Cyberspace Middle School
Supercomputer Computations Research Institute (SCRI)
Physics Dept.
FSU Home Page
Magnet Lab

Sites around the globe and across the street

CERN (Switzerland) [Where the WWW began]
The World Wide Web Consortium makes the rules for HTML
Hiroshima University (Japan)
Kyoto Univ. in Kyoto Prefecture
Leon County Schools and the City of Tallahasee
Australian National University in Canberra
Moscow State University in Russia (po russki)
Tallahassee Democrat Online and break magazine
Some local science-related web sites:
English version of the Asahi NewsPaper (Tokyo, Japan)
World Media Live (France)
BIBSYS (Norwegian library system)
Resort Sports Network
Jay's Lists of web sites

Computers and Applications

SCRI Computers
The Internet in 3D
Kasparov -vs- Deep Blue Chess Match
Fractals from National Conservancy of Arts and Crafts (Paris, France)

JAVA-based Physics Sites

TIPTOP's Virtual Laboratory (collection)
The Official JAVA Directory including Physics Applications

U. of Oregon Physics and its Virtual Physics Lab
Thin Lens - optics from National Taiwan Normal U. (can be slow)
Schrodinger equation simulator from Boston U.
Ising model of spin systems from Syracuse U.
Hysterisis Loop (Ising model) from Cornell
Lorenz attractor in chaos theory
Ripple Tank JavaScript from Davidson U.
Simulations of classical dynamics from a set of free samples (online course) -- No Answer?

JAVA-based Math Sites

Vector Addition Tutorial from U. of Arkansas
Vector Cross Product Tutorial from Syracuse U.

Some Physics sites

Jefferson Lab (TJNAF) the lab formerly known as CEBAF
World Lecture Hall at the U of Texas
Lightcone: Relativity Tutorial from Syracuse U. [MPEG]
One of several mirror sites for the sci.physics Frequently Asked Questions answers.

Sites relevant to the Nuclear Physics program

Jim's Rutherford scattering applet [Java]
Chart of the Nuclides
Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society with a brochure on what we do.
Particle Data Group
Very simple (and fast) Periodic Table of the Elements from U. of British Columbia
Periodic Table from MIT (fancier graphics, more details)
Very sophisticated (formerly frames-based) WebElements Periodic Table from U. Sheffield in England (with many extra features, including nuclear isotope data as well as biological effects and geologic sources), also available at a parallel site.

Fun sites we might surf during the program

Photo Gallery of the Hubble Telescope's Greatest Hits
Cooking your Butterball Turkey
Homework Maniac at the Washington Post
Chem Team study resources for high school Chemistry
Hands-On Science
Weird Stuff
News, Weather, and Sports
NASA's "Vomit Comet" for zero-G research

Saturday Morning Physics is an outreach project of the Physics Department at The Florida State University that takes place during October and November every year.

This material collected and maintained by: James Carr (

Last modified: Friday, 12 November 1999