PSC 1121
Final Exam

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Updated: 5/8/2011


The final exam is cumulative, covering everything we have done in class. It will cover most of the material from Chapter 1 through Chapter 21 plus extra material covered in class with handouts. A good approximation to the final exam would be combining the 5 mini exams into a single exam, then cutting it down so it only takes 100 minutes to write.

Becasue the final exam is a bit more than two mini-exams in length, it can't have more than 2/5 of the material from any previous exam. That is a good hint on how to study: Start by being sure you can answer all the questions on the tests you have taken already. The final can (and probably will) contain questions similar to those on the mini exams. The final is very unlikely to have questions about material that has not been on an exam or quiz; however, it can have one or two that use concepts that span several parts of this course.

Study Suggestions

You should already have been developing the skills needed to classify a question by identifying what physical concept applies to it. With the wider scope of the final exam, one way to study is to look at copies of questions (just the question, no answer information) from earlier exams that have been scrambled into random order and focus only on identifying what concept and/or equation would be used to answer it. By this time in the course, you should have learned the skills needed to figure out the answer if you know what concept to apply to the question.


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