PSC 1121
Unit 1

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Updated: 5/8/2011

Week 1

Mon 5/9:  Review syllabus and introduce main themes of the course;
Chapter 1 (Science) and Appendix A (SI Units).
Handout on metric units and scientific notation and/or start Workbook.
Hand out HW 1, which will be due on Wednesday (5/11)

Tues 5/10:  Answer questions about syllabus and writing assignment.
Review first day, answering questions about SI units.
Chapter 2 (Newton's First Law).
Emphasis on motion graphs (Appendix B).

Wed 5/11:  Chapter 2 (Newton's First Law).
Emphasis on net F = 0.
Chapter 3 (Newton's Second Law) net F = acceleration .
Hand out HW 2, which will be due Thursday (5/12).

Thurs 5/12:  Chapter 3 (Newton's Second Law) examples.
Introduce Chapter 4 (Newton's Third Law).

Fri 5/13:  Chapter 4 (Newton's Third Law) examples.
Introduce Chapter 5 (Momentum) from unit 2.
Hand out HW 3, which will be due Monday (5/16) along with essay.

Week 2

Mon 5/16:  Chapter 5 (Momentum) examples from unit 2.
Introduce idea of Work from Chapter 6 (Work and Energy).
First Essay is Due.
Hand out HW 4, which will be due Tuesday(5/17) but is not on Exam 1.

Tues 5/17:  Chapter 6 (Work and Energy) examples of energy conservation from unit 2.

Wed 5/18:  Review questions;
Exam 1, Chapters 1-4.

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