Writing Requirements
for Physical Science

Updated: 8 May 2011

This course includes some essays as a "writing to learn" component of the homework.

Due Dates:
Points toward your grade are earned for turning in essays on Monday 5/16 (5 points), Monday 5/23 (8 points), and Monday 6/6 (8 points). You can earn up to 21 points toward your homework grade by completing all of these. There is a 1 point penalty per day (or part thereof) for late work.

Grading Policy:
I am fairly liberal in grading this work, but points are deducted if your work is not well thought out or includes errors that I think you should not make at that point in the course. I deduct one point per day that an assignment is late, which means it is worth zero points if it is turned in when the next essay is due. Finally, writing that is not at a college level will have points deducted. Use the writing center in the Learning Commons if you have not done a lot of writing at college.

The topics are described on a handout distributed on the first day of class. Extra copies are available in the classroom.

If you have any question about what might be appropriate, just ask me.


  1. The essay must be typed, double spaced with at least a 12-point font, on white paper (double sided is OK)  or  clearly handwritten on lined paper (using only ONE side) leaving adequate margins for my comments. I prefer to read typed papers. Attach a copy of an article or page you are discussing if relevant.

  2. Plagiarism, including from the web, is not acceptable. If a source is a web site on the internet, include the title and URL of the web page you used. Use APA or MLA for referencing direct quotations or citing information. You should also cite your textbook if you refer to a law taken from it. The writing center has information on citation styles.

  3. The essay must have grammar and spelling that is consistent with college-level work. You should bring a draft to writing center (2nd floor of the Learning Commons) for review if you have not done a lot of college-level writing.

You can get additional information about writing papers from the TCC Writing Center on the second floor of the Learning Commons, and find various magazines and newspapers in the Library.


 ?? Contact me if you have any questions.

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