Contact Information for Dr. Carr

Spring 2017


Homework or lab reports should be left with SM receptionist.
(These are time-stamped and put in my mailbox.)


Always include a Subject in your e-mail.
E-mail without a subject from a non-TCC address can be intercepted by the TCC spam filter.

Questions about LON-CAPA problems should be sent using its internal feedback mechanism.

carrj (at) will be read regularly should be used for all official class business

Use carrj in the domain tccfl on LON-CAPA for homework questions.

Office phone
Voice mail is only checked regularly during weekday daytime hours
Calls will only be returned from my office phone; e-mail is best at other times.

SM 290
(East wing, convenient to stairs opposite SM 137)

Office hours:

            F   11:30 - 1:00 pm  (mostly in the Science Learning Commons)
M  W         2:30 - 4:30 pm   
    T   RF     3:00 - 4:30 pm   

Other times by appointment.
(Division office phone is 201-8499 to leave written message)

If I am late getting back to my office, I am usually in or near my last class talking to students or putting away or setting up demos in SM117. Sometimes it takes more than a half hour to set up for class. When meetings or class preparation (either for the lab or setting up demonstrations for lecture) require being elsewhere during office hours, I will leave a note on the office door. When in doubt, drop by my office and see if I am there, and you can always feel free to stop me in the hall and ask a question.