PHY 2049L

General Physics II Lab

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Updated 12 February 2017.

Ref. no. 171104   --   Tuesday 2:30-5:15 in TPP 112    (Dr. Boueres)
Ref. no. 171106   --   Wednesday 2:30-5:15 in TPP 112    (Dr. Boueres)

Common Syllabus for PHY2049L

Important clarification of policies related to withdrawal from lecture

Primary Textbook:
Physics Laboratory Manual, by David H. Loyd, THIRD edition (Brooks/Cole CENGAGE, 2008).
ISBN-13: 9780495114529

We will be using the 3rd edition as the primary text for PHY2049L because that is the version students purchased last year. Our promise is that the same lab manual is used for both semesters at TCC. However, you can use the 4th edition if you are a new student at TCC and want a print (paperback) version. In the few cases where there are differences in post-lab questions, we will follow the 3rd edition and announce via LON-CAPA and in lab what needs to be changed if you have the 4th edition.

If you don't already have a lab manual, I strongly recommend that you purchase or rent the electronic version of the lab manual because of the much lower price. It appears that the 3rd edition is still available in either pdf or eBook format. Otherwise, you must buy a NEW copy of the lab manual because we remove pages from the book for use in the lab (data tables, calculations, and post-lab report questions). The best deal for new students in PHY2049 is to purchase an electronic version. The starting pages of the labs you need from the electronic version of the 3rd edition are listed below. (You also need the appendices on pages 483 to 486.) Although the electronic version is often a very good buy, you might be able to find a lightly used copy (where only a few of the 2048 lab pages have been used) at a very low price.

Alternate Textbook:
Physics Laboratory Manual, by David H. Loyd, fourth edition (Brooks/Cole CENGAGE, 2014).
ISBN-13: 9781133950639
The page numbers are different, but you can use the lab number to find the one you need.

Contact Dr. Carr immediately if you have any problems getting a lab manual!


Lab Schedule

( Spring 2017 )

Lab #DateDescription Manual
Lab #
Pages in
3rd edition
Pages in
4th edition
0-A1/10 - 11 Review of Lab Safety and Data Analysis
Use of Electrical Measurement devices
( measuring voltage with a multimeter )
App. I pp. 1-11
  + pg. 483
  + Wolfson Sect 25.4
pp. 1-11
  + pg. 519
  + Wolfson Sect 25.4
11/17 - 18 Equipotentials and Electric Fields 26 pp. 259-260
  + Handout
pp. 295-296
  + Handout
0-B1/24 - 25 Use of Electrical Measurement devices
( measuring current with a multimeter )
  Wolfson Sect 25.4Wolfson Sect 25.4
21/31 - 2/1 Measurement of Electrical Resistance
and Ohm's Law
+ App. II
pp. 279-282
  + Handout
  + pg. 486
pp. 315-318
  + Handout
  + pg. 522
32/7 - 8 Basic Circuits   pg. 280
  + Handout
pg. 316
  + Handout
42/14 - 15 Kirchhoff's Rules 34 pp. 339-342
  + Handout
  + pp. 345-347
pp. 375-378
  + Handout
  + pp. 381-383
52/21 - 22 The RC Time Constant   (DC) 33 pp. 329-332
  + pp. 335-337
pp. 365-368
  + pp. 371-373
 2/28 - 3/1 ( lab meets -- turn in lab report 5 and review )
 3/7 - 8 Lab Exam 1     
 3/14 - 15 Spring Break       ( no lab )  
53/21 - 22 Oscilloscope Measurements 38 pp. 379-383
  + pp. 388-389
pp. 415-419
  + pp. 424-425
63/28 - 29 Alternating Current LR Circuits 36 pp. 359-363
  + Handout
  + pp. 367-368
pp. 395-399
  + Handout
  + pp. 403-404
74/4 - 5 Alternating Current
RC and LCR Circuits
37 pp. 369-372
  + pp. 375-378
pp. 405-408
  + pp. 411-413
84/11 - 12 Snell's Law 40 pp. 401-402
  + Handout
pp. 437-438
  + Handout
94/18 - 19 Focal Length of Lenses 41 pp. 413-415
  + Handout
pp. 449-451
  + Handout
 4/25 - 26 Lab Exam 2     

Note: The initial set of pages used pictures taken in one day showing each of the lab setups. These have been updated over the past years, and information has been added on the use of some of the equipment. Some details may vary, but they do show the apparatus as it should look when you arrive and sometimes how it looks when in use. I will continue to update the pictures and add supplemental material. Suggestions are appreciated on what additional info could be helpful to you.

Note: Extra handouts are kept in the lab.

Special thanks to the students whose hands appear in some photos. Sharing their work helps every student after them learn from what was done before and build on that to develop good lab technique.


Note that PHY 2049 must be taken at the same time as PHY 2049L unless you have already earned a C in PHY2049.


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