PHY 2049

General Physics II

Updated 21 May 2017.

This shows the tentative exam schedule for Summer 2017.

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If you are new to my class (and even if you are not),
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advising warnings specifically for engineering majors.

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If you used a crappy calculator in the past, it's time to get a good one that will make it easy to use "engineering" notation to handle the large and small numbers in that are common in this course.


Ref. no. 174738   --   MTWR 11:40-1:15 in SM 116  

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Comment: A key thing to learn in physics is how to solve problems you have never seen before by applying a few simple principles. Most of you are getting pretty good at this, but many of you still need to work on drawing the pictures that will sometimes solve the problem for you. A sketch can help you ask yourself the questions required to address a broader, not-so-well focused question. (Part of answering a question is to ask yourself "what question might I answer that will help me to deal with this one?".)


  • Unit 1 - hour exam on 5/31 (Wed)
  • Unit 2 - hour exam on 6/15 (Thurs)
  • Unit 3 - hour exam on 7/6 (Thurs)
  • Unit 4 - hour exam on 7/20 (Thurs)
  • Unit 5 - no test (covered only on final).

Note: Extra handouts are normally placed in a folder outside my office, SM 290.


My comments on the calculus requirements for my physics courses.

My comments on the calculators you might consider using.

Go to the TCC  Canvas  site
and read the advice from last semester's students
on how to be successful in this course

Note that this class has passing General Physics I (PHY2048) with a C as a prerequisite
and that PHY 2049L must also be taken at the same time as PHY 2049 unless you already have earned at least a "C" in it.

You might look at my one-page summary of what you should still know from PHY2048.


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