Ms. Mona Hamilton

Instructor, Computer Technology

Office: CT 219
Phone: (850)201-8274

I have been teaching for approximately twenty years and I still love my chosen career!

There are so many reasons why I love what I do.

Here are just a few:
It is a great pleasure to facilitate the learning process.
I love watching students achieve their goals.
I can't imagine a more rewarding career!

Classes that I have taught:

CGS1060 Intro to Computer Literacy
CGS1520 Intro to Multimedia
CGS2525 Advanced Multimedia
EME2040 Intro to Educational Technology
SLS1501 College Success
CIS2401 Computer User Support

Technology & Professional Programs
Division Office: TPP 265
Computer Technology Office - Second Floor - CT Building
Phone Number: (850) 201-8495
FAX Number: (850) 201-8332